Monday, January 28, 2008

The Low Spark of High-Ideal bulbs
Q: How many countries does it take to screw up a light bulb?

A: More and more each year.

Required light bulbs may pose health hazard

With potatoes, green means stop
Flourescent lights in groceries cause the potatoes to produce chlorophyl and solanine. Solanine makes potatoes taste bitter and can cause digestive problems (or paralasis and coma, nice). A simple solution may be to keep potatoes in the dark, or at least out of the flourescent glare. But-

Some scientists are working on ways to suppress the production of glycoalkaloids in potato plants. Researchers have found a gene that prompts plants to make an enzyme necessary for producing glycoalkaloids. By inserting a "backwards" copy of the gene, one which interferes with the natural gene's instructions, scientists have engineered potato plants whose production of toxins is turned down.

Hell, we gotta genetically alter our spuds instead? Is it just me or are things getting too complicated with these flourescents?
Sufferers may shun eco-bulbs
The compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs, have been linked to migraines, epilepsy and the auto-immune disease lupus.
The British Association of Dermatologists has claimed the bulbs emit wavelengths of light that can trigger eczema or skin cancer in people with light-sensitive conditions.

LED Astray
Nevertheless, even if you used all fluorescents, the savings on your next light bill would hardly be noticed. Newfoundland Power says that lighting cost amounts to only four per cent of our bills. A penny saved is a penny earned, but in this case will be the price to pay for polluting the environment with deadly mercury?

These lights can be hazardous to people's health, and that they are toxic, is saving a couple cents worth it?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Low Engery Bulbs a 'health risk'

This article goes as far as claiming that fluorescent lights can cause skin cancer. In my opinion this is an exageration. Fluorescent lights can flare up skin conditions like eczema and make a person more prone to developing skin cancer but as far as I kjnow it has not been proven that fluorescent lights can cause cancer. I doubt that fluorescent lights would be good for anyone suffering from skin cancer.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Touchy light bulbs
Recently I re-entered a room where I'd left a lamp on and found it dark. When I peered down the lampshade, two fire-red orbs glared back, and I smelled burning plastic. Once I examined the bulb, I found black stains where the fluorescent tube met the ballast. I discovered later that a friend has had three CFLs burn out in the same manner.
A New Prohibition
A lot of good points in this article.
Health warning on low-energy bulbs
"Certain forms of eczema - some of which are very common - do flare up badly anywhere near fluorescent lights, so these people have to just be around incandescent lights."

A much smaller number of patients with very severe light sensitivity are unable to tolerate exposure to the small amount of ultra-violet light given off by the new-style bulbs, he added.

There are a "significant number" of people in the UK who are already unable to visit or work in buildings with fluorescent lighting, said Prof Hawk, adding: "It is people who will have to be exposed to them in their homes that we are worried for, and I very strongly suggest that incandescent bulbs remain available for use in the home."
Shedding Light on CFLs
Everyone fixates on the fact that it is almost 10 times as energy-efficient. Because of this, we are supposed to forget that many fluorescents have a flicker issue that negatively affects some people. They have a start-up time lag so they are not good to use over your stairs if you are always in a rush. Most can't be used outside when it is really cold. Unless you buy a special "three-way" CFL, they can't be dimmed. All contain small amounts of mercury (be very careful if you break one!) so they cannot be thrown out. And, except for Ikea, most stores are happy to sell them but will not take them back for recycling.
But worst of all is their light content. They give off a diffuse light, more like a cloudy day than a sunny one, which is depressing. (And if you have the misfortune to spend your days under large swaths of fluorescent lighting, be sure to get away from it on your lunch break. It makes us tired and depressed. To cope with fluorescent light, our endocrine glands pump out cortisol, a stress hormone. When it is exhausted, we are more susceptible to colds and illness.)

Even the "soft white" CFLs do not give off the same warm tones and crisp light we are used to. They make existing colours look wrong.
Includes a photo of effected skin.
Eczema nightmare as Brits move to low energy bulbs.
Sucked by the Swirl
Are Eco-friendly light bulbs causing Migraines?
Are energy Saving lights causing migraines?
The bulbs are set to become compulsory in Britain by 2011 as part of an ongoing attempt to reduce carbon emissions but the Government is now facing campaigners who are against the decision. Rather than completely banning traditional bulbs, campaigners insist that an opt-out option should be available for those with health problems.
The Migraine Action Association in Britain has raised concern the bulbs may trigger migraines because they are miniature versions of fluorescent strip lights, which are known to activate the condition.
And a leading dermatologist said tens of thousands of people with skin complaints will find it hard to tolerate being near the bulbs as they cause conditions such as eczema to flare up.

Monday, January 07, 2008

It has been some time

It has been some time since I had last posted here.... and it is high time I got back to updating this blog. Especially considering how much CFLs (Compact florescent lights) have been making the news the past couple of months.
Environmentalists think that these CFLs are going to save us energy, but they're wrong on this. I have nothing against saving energy and takiong care of the environment, but these CFLs are not the answer. They're slightly less irritating than the old tube florescents but are still bad, and are just as toxic when the lights are broken.
As usual politicians are trying to control us and are working on banning the old fashioned light bulbs and hope to phase them out by 2012. This is a foolish thing to do. Besides encroaching on our freedom of choosing our own lighting in our own homes this will hinder any advancements that may be made with incandescent light bulbs.

I will try to update this blog more frequently in the future, possibly once a week.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Choosing Lights (The Washington Times by Shelley Widhalm)
An artical about the importance of lighting for atmosphere and mood. Notice that they got rid of the fluorescent lights in the kitchen?

Are compact fluorescent lights now brighter idea? (Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 02/21/06 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)
Pardon my french but hell no. Grassley; you're a dumbgrass. They last 7-10 years longer but they make people feel like crap for 7-10 years! Sure, let's save on energy and lower quality of life. And Yan's gotta be some sort of creep boasting about his competition being dead. People buy incandescent bulb without thinking?! At least we can think under them unlike those damned flickering flourescent lights! I gotta confess, I wish neurological disorders on people like this Yan guy. He won't be boasting so much after fluorescent lights become known as the next asbestos.

Paint stores, Web sites can match colors exactly (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal
Fluorescent lights are deceptive.

Sensory overload leads to bad buzz From CNN.
I can feel those lights flicker too, and it's not a pleasant sensation.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm trying to keep adsense from advertising fluroescent lights on an anti-fluorescent blog.

I don't have much for today. I've only found one new article
Injured teen faces long road to recovery by Pat Muir in the Yakima Herald Republic.
It's about a teen, Aaron Saunders, who was hit by a car riding his bike. Unfortunately he wasn't wearing a helmet and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He's lost memories and gets a lot of memories- from before and after the accident- mixed up and he doesn't remember the accident at all. He may never fully recover but his best chances of recovering are to do stuff like reading, do math/logic problems, eat properly and avoid fluorescent lights.

Getting books and stimulating math and logic probalems aren't hard to find. Eating properly is something that everyone should do, few people do but everyone can understand why one would want to. But avoiding fluorescent lights is going to be nearly impossible, those things are everywhere. Just about every store has them, even hospitals have fluorescent lights because they are 'efficient' and people use them to save energy no knowing or just not caring how bad they really are for the people under them.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sorry, I meant to update this blog more frequently. Let's see what I have for now.

From the Joplin Globe, "This school signal really shines Galena uses grant to buy solar-powered crossing light"
The fluorescent lights in old signals have been replaced by light-emitting diodes, a new technology, he said. The new lights are brighter and use less energy than the old lights, he said. The crossing sign also is a brighter color and more visible, he said.

Lookit that, a light that uses less energy than fluorescent. And is brighter. Hooray for solar power.

net.wars: Cubiclife
Kudos to Wendy M Grossman for figuring out how to get those flourescent bulbs out and successfully hiding them.

And there are some good lighting tips to be found in The Ithaca Journal/Gannett New Services. Illuminate your space: Layered lighting brings a room to life I hate overhead lighting almost as much as I hate fluorescent lighting, and any kind of naked bulb is just plain ugly.

From the Newtown Bee I found an article about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
The SAD Truth: Combating Seasonal Affective Disorder
For dealing with it, one of Dr Hungerman's suggestions was:
"How do you reverse it? Do some exercise, go for a walk," he said. Most importantly Dr Hungerman said, "Alter your light; the worst light is florescent."

For more inf on SAD Check out

On a related note I checked out The Healing Power of Light by Primrose Cooper from the library. I haven't read it yet but I'll give a review when I do.